2021 Global Impact Review

By World Pulse

Women’s leadership has never been more essential as we face continued global pain and unprecedented challenges. Whether they are speaking out for women’s bodily autonomy, leveraging digital skills to protect and uplift women in a changing climate, or growing leadership skills and networks to support women with disabilities, the World Pulse community is taking action to create a better future. Read the 2021 Global Impact Review for highlights from a year that seeded massive change and centered community care.

2021 continued to challenge all of us—especially women. In a world of pain and backsliding, women are facing unprecedented challenges to our very survival—especially to our ability to lead. According to the World Economic Forum, we lost a generation of progress towards gender equity in 2021 alone.

Yet women’s leadership has never been more essential. With more than a decade of experience as a safe, supportive online community connecting women worldwide for change, we at World Pulse know that women’s visions must have a safe place to take root and grow.

World Pulse provides a buffer in a brutal and difficult time. Our digital safe haven is where women, non-binary people, and allies from around the world are cross-pollinating solutions to heal ourselves, each other, and the world.

In 2021, we seeded massive change and centered community care. Our global community planted visionary seeds and nurtured new growth that is already transforming lives and communities. Most notably, World Pulse:

  • Created on-the-ground deep impact led by members, including male allies, who held and lifted each other through the storm.
  • Built transformative new programs developed in close collaboration with our global community.
  • Developed our new online platform, reimagined through ethical tech and member feedback.
  • Amplified women’s voices and leadership through groundbreaking reports, events, and editorial signal boosting.
  • Strengthened our foundation with new team members, advisors, and supporters, all while centering justice, diversity, equity & inclusion at our core.

The rising global ecosystem of World Pulse is impacting millions — and it would not be possible without you, whether you’re a community member, supporter, advisor, or collaborator. Thanks to you, women everywhere are logging on and rising up from the digital grassroots. Their fingers may be on the keyboard, but their feet are firmly planted on the ground, unfurling change on their own terms.