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When women have a platform to speak freely, they tell their stories. They start movements and reform laws. They band together to break the silence and build a better world, today impacting tens of millions more and growing.

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Women leaders on World Pulse report that they are expanding their impact across multiple issues and regions.

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All World Pulse impact data reflect an assumption of contribution rather than attribution. While we only report results that our members attribute to World Pulse's impact in their lives and communities, we recognize that we are a contributing factor — one strand in a web of activities and circumstances that members participate in throughout their changemaking journey.

Community survey

In 2022, our members reported that by speaking out and networking on World Pulse, they made significant gains in the areas of:


Told us their actions as a result of World Pulse made an impact


Trained or educated others


Changed behaviors in their community


Influenced a law or policy

World Pulse uses a systematic monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) methodology that examines how digital empowerment leads to members taking action for personal and social change. We use multiple qualitative and quantitative methods to measure impact.