Our impact research methodology

World Pulse uses a Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) framework that examines how digital empowerment leads to members taking action for personal and social change. We are committed to a process that is accountable, accurate, ethical, and innovative. Our MEL research is led by Jasmine R. Linabary, Ph.D., an expert in inclusive participation and safety in digital and physical spaces. Through consent-based reporting, we evaluate whether members report having accessed increased voice, connection, and resources through their participation with World Pulse, and whether that then led to action (leadership, collective action, decision-making) and ultimately social change.

We measure our program effectiveness by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data collected from our website, an annual impact survey, program surveys, and ongoing community feedback via multiple channels. Through these channels we track the engagement, outcomes, and needs of our community to provide organizational learning and inform strategic planning.

Our annual impact survey is used year over year for comparative results.

Digital Empowerment Framework

World Pulse’s digital empowerment framework is based on nearly 10 years of internal evaluation and external research conducted with our community, as well as consultation with our community and experts in the sector. We systematically assess this framework through our ongoing MEL research.

Ethical Guidelines for Research and Evaluation

Alongside our global community and with support from award-winning international researcher and consultant Dr. Jasmine Linabary, Ph.D., we are co-developing a set of ethical values to guide evaluation and research with our community. These guidelines will help ensure research reflects the interests and values of our community, providing a model for other other organizations in the women’s development and technology sectors. We are currently in the final stages of community feedback on these guidelines. Check back in early 2021 to learn more.

Published & Presented Research

Researchers have studied and collaborated with the World Pulse community. This IRB-approved research has been published in peer-reviewed journals, presented at conferences, and featured in white papers and other reports. World Pulse has also been the focus of several dissertations and theses.