Women hold the power to create global change. We connect them.

We’re a supportive social network connecting women and allies worldwide for social change.

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In no nation do women have an equal voice, blocking global progress

Globally, women’s and gender-diverse voices are systematically excluded, silenced and under-resourced, both online and off. But we are listening.


World Pulse connects women’s grassroots voices on a global scale.

With over a decade of expertise, we've created a supportive digital refuge where women and allies unite to courageously tell their stories, share resources, start businesses, run for office, and launch movements, impacting millions more.

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Our Model

We’re an antidote to harmful social networking rooted in collective care and intersectional feminism. Through a unique blend of online community, storytelling, and training, we ensure that every woman has a voice in our supportive community, crowdsource her grassroots solutions, and equip her with the digital skills to become a changemaker.


Every woman has a voice in our supportive online community.
Our online network is a sanctuary where every woman with access to the internet can be heard, access resources, and connect with women and organizations from 190 nations to solve global problems.


We magnify the power of her voice.
Our editorial desk crowdsources the best of women’s stories and solutions, provides awards, and promotes them to media and influential forums.


We equip her with tools to be a digital-savvy changemaker.
Our women digital ambassadors are equipping their communities of grassroots women and girls with the digital skills to use her voice to build online and offline movements for change.
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We are an internationally recognized, trusted network.