On World Pulse, you can hear directly from women speaking out and building solutions to the many issues they face.

Peace and Security

Women are often on the front-lines of conflict—not just as victims or combatants, but as powerful agents of peace. Hear from women who are ushering in a more peaceful and secure world.

Gender-based Violence

Our community is bravely sharing their personal experiences and ideas for action. They are speaking out on gender-based violence, from cultural attitudes on domestic violence to survivor empowerment and more.

Girls' Rights

Girls across the world face a myriad of challenges; from gender discrimination to body image to societal and parental pressure. Our community efforts ensure the voices of our future are poised to lead and thrive for all girls.

Women and the Environment

World Pulse women are leading the charge to heal our earth. They are speaking out on the environment, from climate change to environmental degradation to agriculture and more.

Women in Leadership

Our community is empowering themselves and leading change in their communities. Explore their stories and learn how they are speaking out on leadership, from women raising in politics to women leading movements.

Economic Power

From microfinance to equal pay to social entrepreneurship and more, women from across the world are speaking out on economic power. Our community is owning their economic power and changing the way wealth and prosperity are defined.

Women in Technology

Our community is working to find ways to use tech for good. Women from across the world are speaking out on technology, from women leading the way on new digital tools, to girls learning how to code in schools to bringing more women online.

Women's Health

Women in every country of the world face serious health challenges. Across the world our community is speaking out on maternal mortality, HIV/AIDS, mental health, and more. Our members are developing solutions in their communities.

Engaging Men and Boys in Gender Equality

World Pulse — and the men who support us— are rising up to champion gender equality. From across the world we are speaking out in support of men and boys, from gender equality and equity to how men are supporting women's movements.

Education Equality

Women from across the world are speaking out on educational issues; violence in schools, cultural attitudes, how poverty affects education and more. Hear from World Pulse women who are rising up and fighting for women's right to learning.

Human Rights for Women

World Pulse women are rising up and championing the rights of all; speaking out on human rights, from human trafficking to immigration to social change and more.

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Hear from women leaders on UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We provide visibility and digital training to women leaders speeding up progress to achieving the SDGs.

SDG #4 Quality Education

Educate women with disabilities with digital and livelihood skills with Samia Al Sayed from Syria.

SDG #5 Gender Equality

Bring women’s voices to decision-making tables with Sherna Alexander from Trinidad and Tobago.

SDG #6 Clean Water and Sanitation

Reach 10,000 girls with sustainable menstrual products and awareness with Doreen Bieri from Cameroon.

SDG #16 Peace and Justice

Increase women’s local representation in peace and security with Juliet Acom from Uganda.

SDG # 3: Good Health and Wellbeing

End maternal mortality and female genital mutilation with Meseret Heileyesus from Canada.

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