Women, Peace, and Security Report

By World Pulse

World Pulse, with our partners Our Secure Future and the Women's Alliance for Security Leadership - ICAN, collected women’s voices to shed light on what peace and security means to those who are most immediately impacted by it.

You are about to read the unheard voices and powerful perspectives that are required to bring about true global security.

When much of the world’s population cannot fulfill their potential due to violence, poverty, ill health, and exclusion from power and decision-making, there will never be true peace and lasting security. The way forward can only be found by listening to those who bear the brunt of these threats and acting on their recommendations.

The insights come from women from over 60 countries. Some respondents, like those in Cameroon, are in the midst of active conflict. Others, like those in the Philippines, are experiencing the immediate threats of climate change. Still more, like those in India, Nepal, Nigeria, the US and more are up against daily threats of harassment, assault, and limitations placed upon them due solely to their gender. Their messages are urgent; their recommendations invaluable.

Taken together, these bold, experienced voices call for nothing less than a fundamental redefinition of global, national, and human security. They also propose practical steps to resolve the complex, interconnected root causes that sabotage it.