By World Pulse

Women worldwide are using tech to power movements, learn about and secure their rights, advocate for marginalized groups, and mobilize offline actions. But they say technology needs a transformation of its own. Download the #SheTransformsTech Report to find out what grassroots women and gender-diverse individuals from 60+ countries say individuals, policymakers, and tech companies must do to make tech equitable for all.

At the beginning of the global COVID-19 pandemic, World Pulse, backed by 27 coalition partners, surveyed grassroots women leaders and marginalized communities from around the world on key technology issues and opportunities. The #SheTransformsTech report is the culmination of the year-long campaign and includes data-driven insights, personal narratives, and visionary solutions sourced from women and gender-diverse individuals from more than 60 countries.

The report includes:

  • Analysis of more than 530 responses from 60+ countries (400+ survey responses; 130+ personal narratives).
  • Key findings, statistics, and recommendations for policymakers, tech companies, and individuals related to digital empowerment, technology access, online safety, and more.
  • Stories from women, in their own words, on how they utilize tech for good and how tech can do better to support women’s leadership.
  • Special highlights on the impact of COVID-19 on technology access and use; improving access for those with disabilities; and advancing gender-transformative digital skills training.

Along with chronicling the barriers and concerns that limit women’s ability to fully benefit from technology, #SheTransformsTech presents solutions for a way forward.

“In this report, you will read the unheard voices and powerful perspectives of women and gender-diverse individuals from across the world,” said World Pulse Founder and CEO Jensine Larsen. “Taken together, these voices call for nothing less than a fundamental realignment of the priorities of the technology industry and urge us to wake up to the vast leadership potential of women coming online globally to shape a better technology future for us all.”

When you read these insights, promote their weight, and take action, you will be a part of transforming our current dangerous and biased technology trajectory into an inclusive, supportive digital pathway for us all.

Women have spoken. Now it’s time for the world to listen.

Executive Summary
Download the #SheTransformsTech Executive Summary.
Recommendations for Policymakers & Tech Companies
Find out what participants say policymakers and tech companies must do to make tech equitable for all.
Media Kit
Download the media kit to share #SheTransformsTech with your networks.