2022 Global Impact Highlights

By World Pulse

The global impact of World Pulse continues to multiply, touching the lives of millions worldwide. Thanks to you — our valued community members and supporters — women are logging on from the digital grassroots and rising up to make their voices heard and grow their leadership. Read the review to learn more about World Pulse's global impact in 2022 and to hear how members gained confidence and connections to take extraordinary action with their communities.

In early 2023, World Pulse conducted our annual Community Impact Survey. We asked World Pulse members to tell us about how they used World Pulse in 2022 as a catalyst for personal and social change.

Within a year marked by progress and challenges for women’s equality, our community reported meaningful results:

  • 7 out of 10 women and allies reported taking action as a result of their involvement with World Pulse in the past year.
  • 78% say World Pulse increased their belief in their ability to create change.
  • 61% felt more supported by others because of World Pulse.
  • 62% reported involvement with World Pulse led to new skills.

In 2022, World Pulse grew to include 109,000 network members from 233 countries and territories. The global community’s cumulative all-time impact, measured since 2014, reached 24.8 million individuals.

Whether they are breaking barriers by running for political office, harnessing digital skills to protect and uplift women in the face of a changing climate, or equipping marginalized communities through education and skills training, the World Pulse community is taking action to create a better future.

Read “No one speaks for me. We speak for ourselves.” to hear about their incredible work in their own words and to take a look at World Pulse’s 2022 impact — by the numbers and beyond.