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World Pulse Announces Global Voice Council to Lift Women’s Emerging Stories Internationally

World Pulse announces its new Global Voice Council.

Prominent storytellers, movement leaders, and technology activists to increase the impact of emerging women’s and underrepresented voices rising through World Pulse’s global online storytelling community.

World Pulse

World Pulse is a global social network connecting women worldwide for change.

Prominent storytellers, movement leaders, and technology activists to increase the impact of emerging women’s and underrepresented voices rising through World Pulse’s global online storytelling community.

PORTLAND, Ore., — World Pulse, a women-led social network elevating women’s stories worldwide for social change, today announced a new Global Voice Council (GVC) to bolster World Pulse’s global impact created through up-and-coming international storytellers and change agents on the network.

Voices lifted up by World Pulse include some of the world's most underrepresented, including gender-diverse individuals and trans women, women of color, women with disabilities, LGBTQ+ women, indigenous women, rural women, and women living in conflict zones.

Inaugural GVC members are Loung Ung, Jane Goodall, Madame Gandhi, Mariane Pearl, Esra’a Al Shafei, Wanjira Mathai, Grandmother Flordemayo, Karla Ruiz Cofiño, Mallika Dutt, Hazel Henderson, Neema Namadamu, Iffat Gill, Stella Paul, Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey, and Sharon Bhagwan Rolls. See the list of members and their biographies on World Pulse's site.

“These leaders know well the pain of having their voices stifled because of their gender. They also know the power of story to break through barriers to achieve recognition and acclaim. They appreciate the power of technology to bring women’s and gender-diverse voices to the world and build movements,” says CEO Jensine Larsen. “Members of this formidable Global Voice Council are not only lifting the voices of World Pulse, but they are also creating a new story for underrepresented voices worldwide.”

The inaugural Council represents the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Europe, and North America—and includes 16 leading storytellers, movement leaders, and technology activists who are vanguards in their fields and lifelong proponents of gender equity. Members include a daughter of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, a technology activist from the Congo, a global artist and musical sensation, a best-selling human rights author, an Indigenous elder leader, a National Geographic explorer, and award-winning journalists, and several prominent leaders who got their start through the World Pulse platform.

Council member Stella Paul, whose undiscovered stories about rural women leading climate change adaptation in India rose up through World Pulse’s community platform to win dozens of international awards, says, “In World Pulse, every woman has her own space and the support to harness the inner power of her voice. This is where the real empowerment revolution is happening.”

Together, members of the Council will use their collective voices and platforms to bring greater awareness to global issues while promoting calls for stories and identifying promising storytellers for recognition, awards, and speaking engagements.

The launch of the Council coincides with the launch of World Pulse’s new campaign, “Her Story Makes History," which celebrates International Women’s Day (March 8, 2021) and Women’s History Month (March 2021) by amplifying rising voices. The campaign invites people to submit their stories for the 2021 Story Awards, a storytelling-for-social-change opportunity that lifts up emerging and undiscovered women’s voices globally.

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